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Water belly inflation story. With all the ice cream inside of her, she still felt as if she was pregnant with a bowling ball.

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Allie was already awake and dressed in similar spandex shorts to her sister along with a light blue t-shirt and her hair tied up in a ponytail.

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Brooke had agreed to fill her belly once more, only this time would be with Allie doing the same with her.

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She wore cute, square glasses, and a blue t-shirt and shorts.

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So, consider this story as an example.

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It comes out in a single, cubed clump.

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I fricken did it.

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This plumpness from the water is the best type of inflation.

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It was like eating for than just a dab of ghost pepper, it was like having three!

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Alex tips the contents of the box onto a plate.

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