Treating facial redness.

Treating facial redness. You need antifungals to lower yeast levels and subsequently reduce inflammation and redness.

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Other post-procedure issues include:.

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While psoriasis cannot be cured, a board-certified dermatologist can develop a treatment plan that can help you see clearer or clear skin.

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These include:

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Regardless of where the rash appears, the skin with the rash tends to feel extremely dry, scaly, and itchy.

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As frustrating as it can be to battle facial redness, the good news is, it's usually quite easy to resolve.

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Here are five things that can make your facial redness worse.

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Stick to just one new treatment a week and do a spot test on a small area before using all over the face.

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There are topical options that constrict blood vessels and calm inflammation, like Rhofadewhich Dendy EngelmanM.

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Results may last for years, although 1 — 2 treatments a year may be needed for maintenance as rosacea is a chronic condition.

Whether the redness comes and goes or is permanent, there are things you can do to reduce — and sometimes clear — it.

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