Tight rear naked choke.

Tight rear naked choke. It is an easy way to submit your opponent, or render them unconscious if necessary.

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Check it out in this short video:

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Of course them rolling onto their front is ideal for you, as you then have the opportunity to sink the choke.

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While you're spinning them slide quickly to the left behind them.

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Rain Defence more.

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When applied as a blood choke in particular, it immediately reduces the supply of oxygen to the brain, leading as mentioned above to unconsciousness and ultimately if not released to brain damage or death.

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Then double grabbing the forearm bone but hook your elbow around theirs for extra pull and pull it down the arm behind the head.

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The left arm then reaches to the back of their head, far enough down so they can't simply reach up and remove your hand.

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In the video and below I show you 5 of my favourite ways to finish the RNC against a dropped chin — check them out!

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Practicing applying the choke is important too.

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