Swedish girls in bikinis.

Swedish girls in bikinis. Men are generally more sexually attracted to lighter-skinned women and women are more sexually attracted to darker-skinned men which puts the lighter-skinned Scandanavian women at a premium for most men.

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American girls also can do it, and lots of American chick do it.

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Scandinavian girls really are the standard by which all other caucacian girls are assessed.

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This is obviously not healthy for your hair but since the general fascination favors blonds over brunettes or black hair women, this continues.

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Sweden in Focus:

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Sweden has the most fake blond women in the world.

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Vote for your favorites to move them to the top of the list, or press re-rank to create your own list of the best Swedish models.

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Anything camps or clubs for 4yr olds in Sthlm?

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She added that she posted the image as a way to make plumper people snap photos of themselves at the beach too.

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List of Swedish models, including models born in Sweden and female fashion models of Swedish descent.

Male readers out there, this should inspire you on how to find a Swedish women and also how to pick up girls.

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