Sperm whale lobtailing.

Sperm whale lobtailing. The distinction between the two is fairly arbitrary:

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Pectoral slappinginformally known as pec-slapping, is when a cetacean turns on its side, exposes one or both pectoral fins really sex video the air, and then slaps them against the surface of the water.

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The spread of lobtail feeding amongst humpback whales indicates its success as a novel foraging method.

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There are many theories as to why whales do this:

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While it was a spectacular sight to see I am sure spank para chicos was also a great feeling for the whale to be rid of that itchy shedding skin.

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Bow-riding is the most common form of interactive behaviour with boats across a variety of smaller Odontocete species, such as dolphins in the genera Stenella and Delphinus.

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Daily Mail.

Endangered Black sea common dolphins with a kite-surfer off Sochi.

Each whale girl fart pictures has its distinctive blow, such as small and bushy for humpbacks, V-shaped for southern rights and up to 12m high for blue whales.

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