Spank buttocks paddle flat object.

Spank buttocks paddle flat object. Corporal punishment in the home.

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It is normally done with one or more slaps on the child's buttocks with a bare hand, although, japanese facial compilation uncommonly, various objects are used to spank children.

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I removed my glasses, placed an eye mask over my eyes, turned to my right, leaned in

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According to a much-tweeted-about report, herpes diagnoses increased during Coachella this year.

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Wright Politics Campaigns against corporal punishment.

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American Sociological Review.

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Boing Boing.

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For the rock and roll song, see Spank Rachel Stamp song.

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No general statements about pain and possible bruising can be made as the weight and material differs strongly.

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Wooden paddles were popular for disciplining students in schools in the U.

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