Resident evil 4 skins.

Resident evil 4 skins. This mod aims to intersect the worlds of the two horror giants into one better experience.

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Ada's Report is a short series of video reports by Ada.

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These are cutscenes players are not assured to trigger while playing.

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An excellent mod.

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Cloaked, masked, and ready for combat, Vector is a covert operative from Operation Racoon City.

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Leon's a pretty tough guy, but no character in the Resident Evil universe is as coldly calculating and determined as Hunk.

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An excellent mod.

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Resident Evil 4 Capcom Released

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Combined from many mod by many authors,and recolored.

These do not include special enemy death scenes triggered by their attacks or by running out of time during any countdowns.

I've been working in this for a week now, i still not sure if can be called a Mod or just a skin,but well.

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