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Resident evil 4 ashley age. Head outside and approach the Crank eliminate anyone in the way first!

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Make your way down the walkway to the dual-levered door.

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The chair un-straps Leon as he recovers.

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Open it to find Ashley preppy sweater and all!

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In some instances, there will also be times when Ashley will point out various ways to solve puzzles but not all the time.

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When it's clear, eliminate the enemies that approach Leon in any way you want.

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Once that's done, solve the Grail Puzzle.

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I'm actually quite surprised they didn't make her pee herself in fright, I mean she gets scared so freaking easily.

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They shoot and kill as many as they see.

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Be civil to each other.

Next we have Chris and Josh.

Once it's there, fire a cannonball and continue past the blasted door.

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