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Quickest way fo female orgasm. Get excited, because there actually is.

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But that may be about to change, as two new products -- the Womanizer and the hi -- were created on that exact premise.

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Designed to mimic a vigorous massage technique on the lower abdomen, it just so happens to also induce orgasm in record time.

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Go For Blended Stimulation One is good, two is better.

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And call in reinforcements if you want 'em.

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Any free time Erotic lesbian galleries had, I obsessively researched on the female orgasm… oral sex tactics, books on the clitoris, sex forums, guides to different penetrative techniques.

Situation with g-spot, a-spot and all other orgasms is worse.

Try shallow thrusting or women on top positions to get the G-spot, then you or your partner can give you clit a hand.

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