Pain just inside anus.

Pain just inside anus. The findings may seem counterintuitive, given that marijuana increases appetite.

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There are many causes of anal pain but most are easily treatable.

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For this treatment, an anesthesiologist puts a small needle into the person's back and injects a solution that numbs the nerves in the pelvic area.

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Seek immediate medical care if you experience:

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For some people with proctalgia fugax, they may experience severe muscle cramps in their anal canal.

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When this happens, the rectum may protrude out from the anus.

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Women may be impacted by any of the previous conditions.

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This is typically a result of injury in or around the pelvis, torso, or back.

A thrombosed hemorrhoid is an especially painful, but not necessarily serioustype of hemorrhoid as it involves a blood clot in the vein.

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