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Lost my virginity to a pornstar. It wasn't fun at all.

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That way it's easier to enjoy the sex.

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She had a metal Dance Dance Revolution mat on the floor of her basement, and my head kept trailer trash deepthroat it when she was banging me.

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That's like you've never ridden a motorcycle before and doing for the first time on a ZX14R at over kph.

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There is no question that porn plays an important role in how young people perceive sexuality.

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This includes sexist and rape jokes.

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Afterward, I felt insecure because my dick was so slippery.

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That has completely changed.

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Everything turned out OK, though.

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We visited the Venus Festival in Berlin to ask porn stars the differences between real sex and sex on camera.

He put on the filmwhich we spent almost entirely making out for.

She didn't care about the state I was in—she fell asleep while I lay there almost bleeding to death.

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