Looking for a good shaved bat.

Looking for a good shaved bat. Mar 11,

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The guy started with an extremely high performance Miken Ultra, sandblasted the original paint finish off, repainted the bat black and polished it, and then fixed the fake decals to disguise the bat as a legal Viper 14 you can even see the random pornstar generator ASA certification stamp on the barrel on the left side of the photo.

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The simple answer is yes - and it is not that difficult if you have the rightequipment.

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Jun 2,

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We have personally called some of the front page Google search bat shaving companies and were given these stories as to why a video cannot be provided

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Why should I roll my bat as well?

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We had a kid in practice this year break his hand off a line drive to third off a pearl.

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CoachHam 10 votes needed for rating.

Harder the ball the further it travels, however, this also compresses the barrel more and is less forgiving thus running a chance of cracking the barrel.

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