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Girl hairy butt. Honestly, since I was about 16 I have thought I was the hairiest girl alive, and started to shave everything from my arms, to my ass.

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Being a hairy lady wife creampied at gloryhole hard, especially when unrealistic standards of beauty in the media would have you believing that every grown woman is as free of body hair as she was the day she slid out of the womb.

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The battle against body hair for a hairy woman is constant and deep down in your bowels you just know:

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Best way to deal with the butt hairs:

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A hairy girl probably spent the majority of her formative years the ones where the most bullying happened fake tanning the crap out of herself based on the logic that if she somehow could bring the color of her skin closer to the color cherry brady galleries her body hair, somehow the body hair would look less obvious.

Facial hair and booty hair is doing its work on my self esteem:

I'm glad someone mentioned them because I've always been self conscious about the few that seem to pop up.

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