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Erotic gyno exam stories. As the doctor slammed his fingers in and out of her hole, Jillian felt the sensations building and building until she felt like she hairy creampie pics going to faint.

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Folding her hoodie and sweatpants neatly on top of her purse, she extracted her feet from shoes and socks, leaving her red laced satin panties and bra for last.

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Published on May 31,

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After a moment he pulled his fingers out, then gently pushed them back in, starting a slow rhythm when he saw Lindsay's eyes flutter and her breathing pick up.

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Anderson drew his cock along her lips, groaning when she opened and took him in.

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Michelle's First Exam Michelle submits to an erotic gyno exam.

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She moaned like a slut, eager and begging for him to take her.

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Anderson closed the door and walked over to Lindsay, extending his hand.

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