Crabs in the vagina.

Crabs in the vagina. One is tons of itching, and the other is irritation of the skin," says Abdur-Rahman.

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Pubic Lice treatment depends on the infected area.

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Pediculosis pubis is a sexually transmitted disease, which is equally common in both sexes.

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Along with this, they inhabit near the base of the hair which make them less conspicuous.

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Pubic lice can survive up to two days in water and therefore in very rare cases are transmitted in swimming pools and open water between bathing people.

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They will not fall out by themselves.

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Among the other human parasites, only mites bite in pubic region.

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Occasionally, a pubic lice infestation can lead to minor complications, such as skin or eye problems.

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The pubic lice are smalls insects which have a light brown color in external appearance.

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