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For me, sex is just a part of living and it should just be fun!

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Is how you take it off more important than how you put it on?

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Have you ever tried weed lube?

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Just Ponderin' life's wHeirdness and wonder.

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But I love everything, from cute silly stuff to the more edgy, bondage kind of look.

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There were lots of other women — but Carmen was pretty special to me and I was close to her.

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Drugs Boy, 13, died after taking 'Donkey Kong' ecstasy tablets An inquest heard how Carson Price was found 'pale and shaking' at a park in south Wales.

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Rotherham Council Grooming gang victim's battle to stop rapist who got her pregnant from seeing child Sammy Woodhouse is calling for the House of Commons to pass a law blocking rapists' automatic parental rights.

But Dennis still has a soft spot for her.

Just be confident about it.

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